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The mess is contained in one area plus the adults get to sit on the couch. Every month, I help hundreds of thousands of moms, just like you, find breakthroughs with my simple solutions that address parenting and home struggles.

For example, if you have a Mr. Potato Head I would have a couple of them so there will be less chance of the children fighting over them. How fun. Always have fun making cute little decorations out of things we have at home! Take away troublesome toys.

My tip is… Have enough toys for everyone to play with. Self-Care Habit Tracker Do you forget to sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc.?

Play date etiquette

I know my kids get ornery if we pass snack time with nothing to eat. Use them out at meal times, car rides, or any time the day is getting chaotic and you need a reset to connect.

Visit the www. The best tip for a multiple family playdate is to find one person who has a pool. I mean honestly, how hard can a play date be?

Go outside. Check out these bestsellers!

If having a play date inside I live in the Pacific Northwest so lots of rain bring a few great toys into your living room for everyone to play. Most children will probably be similar ages on play dates during the week since older kids are in school. Play date kit. Because they could cooperate while doing something together there was little fighting.

Keeping kids and husbands busy is key!

When we had our play date last week my friend actually made us moms Energy Bites that were awesome too. Quaker Oats sent us a play date kit complete with chewy bar snacks. Bring snacks.

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And I even like getting out of the house sometimesbut often these so called play dates were chock full of work and stress and we all left cranky and I never thought they were worth it. Sometimes we get too caught up in the planning and take their choices away. Having an activity or game that includes everyone where they work together will help cut back on fighting. Playdates must be outside and make sure tohave plenty of drinks, snacks and outdoor toys. We love to theme our playdates! Download the Checklist.

This program is not administered or sponsored by Quaker or its affiliates, but solely by my blog, A Mother Far from Home. I love .

Reply to this comment. And outside is just good. Remind about no hitting and kicking, etc. This may be as simple as building a sandcastle or painting a long butcher roll of paper. Thanks for sharing. Kids will play better with others around their age and do realize that the 18 — 2 year old phase where they think every thing they set their eyes on belongs to them. I love moms. How often do you do them?

Plus, the shorter they are the more you look forward to the next one. Use them for nap times, meal times, bedtimes, chore times, play times AND more! Then we make fun snacks and games to go with it! Knowing what to expect will make things run smoother.

Find a cooperative activity. Have set times. Recipe below. Check Out My Shop! Pull out these fun questions to share some laughs with your precious ones. This is true for play dates as well. Quaker is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me. My tip is to have the kids coming over bring a couple of toys.

To win, leave a comment below with your best tip for play dates and the winner will be chosen at random. I believe you can run a low-stress home without feeling out of control and overwhelmed. More About Me. Becky mentioned one way to cut down on sibling rivalry is to take away toys being fought over.

Something else that is fun for everyone to enjoy are sensory bins. The adults can sit and have a barbecue while the kids go swimming. Do you forget to sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc.? And lots of games and activities and crafts to keep them busy.

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My tip is keep it as simple as possible and have plenty of snacks and drinks available. Consider ages. Seems like a silly thing to write about. A swimming pool is something universal that every kid would enjoy. I love this because this is a kit that keeps on giving long past the first play date. Choose time of day wisely. My tip would be not to put the snacks out right away, let them play a little first!

This tracker will help you consistently live within your limits so you have more love to give to your family. The kids milled around and did their own thing and this is key. Check out Summer Rhythms!

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In the play pack Quaker Oats sent my way they included a puzzle. You can choose a fenced in area like a park or playground so you can actually chat with friends instead of chasing 18 month olds. Fill up a plastic bin and add water and add some water toys. Set yourself up for success. Take the guesswork out of sleep. I need to get in on this sensory bin thing.

We think kids automatically know how to act all the time. They do actually want to stay!

My tip is to make sure you have enough snacks, healthy ones at that! Need Something Else?

Prepare children on how to behave. Create daily routines that balance fun with the responsibilities of daily life. My advice?

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Help kiddos decompress from their busy little days with some active pretend play.


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